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Abyaneh village

For those who want to be far from hectic city life and relax ,the beautiful climate and serenity is suitable place ,specially in desert.Abyaneh village is a beautiful antiquity village located 182 km far from Isfahan , at the foot of Karkas mountain next to Natanz city This mountainous village is famous for its pleasant climate and beautiful views. The attraction points in this place brings a lot of tourists every year. Abyaneh as one of the oldest Kavir desert has history of 1500 years. There are great historical points in Abyaneh  from four Dynasty, Sassanian, Saljuq,Safavid and Qajar. ( 200 -1500).For Safavid Abyaneh village was hunting place.
There are about 500 houses in Abyaneh village These houses are made on the slope, in north side of river. The rooftop of each house is the courtyard of upper house which simply has given the village attractive look. So there is no wall around. The houses of Abyaneh are red color. The windows are wooden and sliding and mostly has iwans with beautiful views they have very narrow pathways just to conduct the wind force.

Majority of people have job in agriculture, animal husbandry and gardening. Women also work and help their men. They used Qanat water for irrigation of farms and garden. Their products are wheat, barley, potatoes and different kinds of fruits like apple, plums, pears,apricot , walnut ,oats,almond and pomegranate. They are very good in carpet weaving also. Abyaneh people have been always isolated and far from city life , that is the reason they could save their traditions.They wear their traditional clothes. Men wear long baggy trousers in black color. Women dresses are colorful with floral fabrics. Their scarves are white with floral design.
Their accent is different with others.
There are many historical places in Abyaneh village .The oldest one is a zoroastrian temple in Mountain. It was made of sarouj and stone during Sassanian period The first floor of temple is damaged ond only a hall is remained the second floor was for ritual ceremonies. They used this place as light house at night also.
Abyaneh has 11 Mosques. The oldest one is Jame Mosque.The ceiling of this mosque is made of walnut wood , about 1000 years back. The other old mosque is Barzale Mosque made 700 years back.There are three holy shrines. Their name is Shazde Yahya , Shazde Isa (people believe they are sons of seventh Shia Imam) and holy shrine Hinza.There is one Anthropology Museum in Abyaneh  to show handcrafts , traditional clothes and etc….

During the time of Safavid kings and rulers treated this place as their summer resort. We have not much information about this village but for centuries been away from turmoil and lived in peace.
There is a hotel restaurant with Iranian cuisine in Abyane for those who like to stay overnight.

Food in this village is very simple, organic and healthy that’s the reason average life of people is high in Abyane.
One of their delicious food is called “Gipa”. They make it with mutton. ” Ardine” and “Karvani” are famous vegetable foods in Abyane too.

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