Introducing the Best Shiraz Hotels

Shiraz City is one of the most important destinations for tourists because it has always been center of culture and civilization in Iran. that is why there are lots of demand for Best Shiraz Hotels.
There are different categories of 2 to 5 star hotels in Shiraz. There are about six , five star hotels in this city. Traditional hotels are available as well. Most of the hotels are located in center of city next to historical and old parts of city. Zandiyeh Hotel is one of the best hotels of Shiraz. It is located next to Arg e Karimkhan. The other five star hotels of Shiraz are located in different areas. Shiraz Grand Hotel is another five star Hotel which is located in north of Shiraz.ty.In this article we introduce the best Shiraz Hotels.

Shiraz Hotels

Shiraz Hotels – number 1
Shiraz 5* star Hotel was built 5 years back on top of north east mountains of Shiraz City. Shiraz hotel with 14 stories and 158 rooms has capacity for 350 guests. Shiraz Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels of Iran and located near Saadi and Hafiz tombs and next to Gate of Quran.



Shiraz Hotels – number 2
Zandiyeh 5* Hotel is located in a very nice area next to Zandiyeh Complex. It’s 900 s m and three stories with 72 rooms and suites. The architecture of Zandiyeh Hotel is inspired by design of buildings in 18 century of Zand Dynasty. From Zandiyeh Hotel to Arg e Karimkhan and Bazar and Mosque is walking distance.


Shiraz Hotels – number 3
Chamran 5* Hotel is another hotel of Shiraz with beautiful location. Chamran Hotel is the tallest hotel of Shiraz with a nice view of Ghasrodasht area. Chamran Hotel is 30 stories building,16 floors of it includes rooms for guests. Total number of the rooms are 250. It’s little far from center of the city but the road is worth a drive.


Best Shiraz Hotels – number 4
Pars 5* Hotel is another hotel located in Zand Avenue in Shiraz. Pars Hotel has 188 rooms and suites. The location of this hotel has made it a easy place to stay for tourists because the historical places are not far from it. Specially those who come to Shiraz for treatment find it very suitable area to stay.


Best Shiraz Hotels – number 5
Homa 5* Hotel is another 5* hotel of Shiraz. The building of homa Hotel is in the middle of Azadi Park. The serenity of Hotel Homa has made it favorite of many tourists. Homa Hotel was renovated three years back. Homa Hotel has 8 stories building with 212 rooms and 22 suites. All the rooms have beautiful views of mountains and garden.

Best Shiraz Hotels



Best Shiraz Hotels – number 6
Persepolis 5* Hotel was made in 2002 in 7 stories.Perspolis Hotel has 104 rooms. The rooms have one or two or three beds. There are some connected rooms with four beds as well. The location has made this hotel near to many monuments in Shiraz. Apadana Restaurant and 24 hours Lotus Coffee Shop are on ground floor.Distance to center of the city is 8 minutes by car and 30 minutes walking. Distance to Eram Garden 6 minutes by car.Distance to Saadi’s Mausoleum is 11 minutes by car. Distance to Hafez Tomb is 4 minutes by car and 7 minutes walking. Distance to Persépolis 45 minutes by car (53 km).

Best Shiraz Hotels


Best Shiraz Hotels – number 7
Royal 4* Hotel is a new 5star hotel built in 7 stories. Hotel Royal has 40 rooms and 4 suites. Four stories of the hotel belongs to the rooms and one floor is for conference rooms. Service of the hotel is very good and stuff are polite
Paliz Restaurant is located on 6th floor. Distance to airport is 15 minutes .Distance to terminal is 5 minutes .Distance to Quran Gate is 3 minutes. Distance to Hafez tomb 5 minutes .Distance to Shiraz city center 10 minutes.


Best Shiraz Hotels – number 8
Ario Barzan 4* Hotel and was built about 16 years back. It is five stories hotel with fifty rooms and good facilities for guests to stay.
In 2011 Hotel Rio Barzan was renovated. The location of the hotel in Rudaki St. has made it easy to reach to many monuments like Arge e Karimkhan, Shahcheragh and Eram Garden.


Best Shiraz Hotels – number 9
Elizeh 4* Hotel is a new hotel in west side of Shiraz. It’s a Butique Hotel with 68 rooms. Elize Hotel is modern and has all facilities for guests. You can have dry sauna, wet sauna, swimming pool and massage facilities and health club.
Prestige Restaurant is in lobby level with 110 seats.Baam Restaurant is located on the rooftop of hotel and has capacity for 250 guests.
Distance to Zand Complex is 20 minutes by car. Distance to Saadi mausoleum is 25 minutes. Distance to Hafez Mausoleum is 20 minutes. Distance to Persépolis about 46 minutes Distance to railway station is 20 minutes.


Best Shiraz Hotels – number 10
Karimkhan 3* Hotel l,The architecture of this hotel is combined of traditional and modern architecture. Karimkhan Hotel is capable of giving all services and facilities for tourists. It’s located in Zand Avenue near great monuments like Arg e Karimkhan , Vakil Bathhouse and Vakil Mosque.
This 3 star Hotel was made in 2013. Karimkhan Hotel has restaurant and traditional tea house. Restaurant is located on first floor and tea house is on ground floor. Timing of them is from 9 am to 10: 30 pm.

Best Shiraz Hotels – number 11
Traditional Niayesh 2* Hotel 
Hotel Niayesh is located in the cultural area of Shiraz City since 100 years back. Niayesh Hotel building served as the first printing house in the beginning and the first newspaper of Shiraz City was issued in this place. Niayesh Hotel has a beautiful traditional architecture and it’s surrounded by peaceful areas since its far from main busy roads and cars.
There is beautiful garden and colorful flowers around Niayesh Hotel. The stained color windows, fountains , stone pool and colorful fishes in it has made the environment attractive.If you stay in this hotel you are close to historical sites like museums, churches, fire temples, mosques and Madresa. Due to high occupancy booking should be done in advance and through this site.Niayesh Hotel has Delgosha Restaurant and it’s open from 12 to 11:30 pm. The other restaurant’s name is Tudedelan with the same timing. Coffee Shop of Niayesh Hotel is on the roof top giving service to guests from 4 to 11:30 pm. Traditional Tea house of this hotel is open to guests from 10 am to 11:30 pm.

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