Fatima Masumeh-holy shrine

Introducing to Fatima Masumeh

Fatima, commonly known as Fatima Masumeh , is the daughter of the seventh Shi‘ah Imam, Mūsā’ al-Kādhim and sister of Imam Reza and Shah Cheragh. The lady, after Fatimah and Zaynab, is the most excellence lady in the families of imamate. Her shrine is in Qom and there’s emphasis on visiting her.Fatima Masumeh , was born in the first day of eleventh Arabic month in 789 AC, in Medina.
She travelled to Marv to visit her brother in 811. But she got sick on the way in Saveh and died in Qom. Fatima Masumeh died in 780. She was 22.The Fatima Masumeh holy shrine is located in Qom, 157 kilometres far from Tehran and is the biggest and most important religious attractive place in this city which attracts so many pilgrims from all over the country also other countries daily.
This magnificent monument located in the center of the city and it’s history goes to the 9th century AD. In the middle of the century, was made a court and a dome above her shrine and then added two more domes, then 200 years later, the three domes destroyed and a higher one was made.
In 1519 the Safavid king, made the northern Ivan (porch) the golden one, and laid the foundation of the old (small) court in Fatima Masumeh holy shrine. After him the next king made a Zarih from tile and also made the southern historic Ivan of Feizieh school.
In 1666 Shah Safi made the ladies’ court in the southern part that now is a covered area named Tabatabaee mosque and didn’t have ceiling and dome before. This court became a special way for the tombs of some Safavid kings (Shah Abbas, Shah Solayman and Shah Soltan Hosain). Then Shah Abbas made a Zarih from white steel and the present Zarih is that one covered by plates of silver.
In 1803 the Qajar king made the dome golden by twelve thousands sun dried bricks covered in gold and in 1821 made the mosque. In 1859 covered the Ivan of Shah Ismail the Safavid king by gold. In 1955 the steel Zarih of the King covered by silver.
Inside her sanctuary are located tombs of many religious leaders and prominent religious and scientific persons of Islam especially shiites.
At present the holy shrine has four porches, three courts and three Minarets (goldasteh).

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