geography of iran

General geography of Iran:

Geography of Iran is important issue for tourists who want travel to this article we explain Geography of Iran
Iran has a diverse geography. Iran is located in Iran plateau. Iran is mountainous country, 50% of Iran is Mountainous and rest are deserts and farm land. Iran’s neighbors are Armenia, Turkamanestan and Azarbayjan in north’ Afghanestan and Pakistan in east and Turkey and Iraq are in west side. The length of coastline of Caspian Sea in north is 657 km. In south Persian Gulf and Oman Sea is 784 km and costline of Bandarabbas is 1259 km.

geography of iran-Mountains of Iran:
Western mountains of Iran is Zagros and Its summit Is Dena with 4409 m. height.
In north and northwest of Iran there are Sahand and Alborz mountains they start from Ararat , in north and northwest of Turkey. Alborz’ summit is Damavand with 5671 m. height. There are mountains in southeast and southwest as well.

geography of iran-Rivers in Iran:
Most of current rivers in iran are low the only river which is suitable for boating is Karun River. Iran Rivers lead to Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea. Most important rivers of Iran are Karun, Karkhe , Dez, Zayande Rud and Sefid Rud.
Iran and its islands:
Most of islands are located in Persian Gulf in south of Iran They can provide maritime connection for Iran through Strait of Hormoz and Oman Sea with other parts of the world. The largest islands are located in Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormoz. They are Qeshm , Kish’ Lavan ‘ Lark ‘ Hormoz and Hangam.

geography of iran-Forests in Iran:
There are many forests in Iran. About 6% of that are oak forests in west part of Iran. Northern forests are 19% and located in south side of Caspian Sea and there are 3% scattered forests in south and east of Caspian Sea. Mountainous forests of Aras area are 3%.
And there are 7% tropical and deserts forests in Iran as well.

geography of iran:Weather in Iran :
Iran has a variety of different climate. This diversity can be observed easily in different parts of Iran. The high northern mountains cause dry weather in internal range of mountains and humidity in external parts of northern area.
Rainfall in northern side , Caspian Sea is more than other area and climate is mild in this part. The average temperature is 18C.
In the west climate is Mediterranean. In the southern region the weather is semi arid and hot. In summer season the temperature is very high but in valleys climate is moderate and winters are very cold. In the south region despite of humidity the weather is very hot and in summer time temperature reaches 54C in khuzestan. Hot summer and moderate winter is the characteristic of this area in Iran.
Central parts of Iran is desert and has hot weather in summer and cold and arid weather in winter.

geography of iran-Percipitation in Iran:
Iran is an arid country and there are some rainfall during winter in Iran otherwise it is sunny throughout year.
The lowest precipitation is in central parts in deserts of Iran, the southern and eastern region, Persian Gulf Islands and southern port.
The highest rainfall is in north, northwest and west of country.

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