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Hafez Shirazi,Persian lyricist

Khaje Shamsodin Mohamad Titled as Hafez shirazi is the most famous lyricist and master of Persian literature of 14th century.we are not sure about his date of birth and death.  According to scholars he was born in 1325 and lost his father in childhood he had though time and had to work hard to make his life and studied with difficulties. he was a part of education session with other philosophers. He learned Quran by heart and he got Hafez title for the same reason.

his young hood was coincident with fall of Atabakan Dynasty. when Al  Inju came to power in Shiraz, Hafez shirazi became the favorite poet of the court and King Abu Eshagh . Abu Eshagh was a fair ruler and not only tried to make Shiraz a beautiful city but also secure and peaceful place.

Hafez enjoyed support of the king for sometimes  and praised him by his poetry.

After this peaceful period ,Amir Mobarezedin prevailed over Amir Eshagh and killed him in city square.

Hafez shirazi was against these injustices and has some poetry about these political events.

However his son Shah Shoja who was already fed up with his injustices killed him) the new king  was found of literature , so showed lot of respect for Hafez.

In gratitude for that Hafez always  liked to praise him by his poems.

End of his life was coincident with Tamerlane’s  attack and insecurities in Shiraz and Iran.

According to scholars Hafez shirazi passed away in 1389. He was buried in Mosallah Garden, where it is famous as Hafezieh.

Divan Hafez shirazi , his book is the most favorite of Iranian after Quran.

Iranian believe in this book, as a matter of fact its a kind of holy book for them.

On special days like Nowruz and Yalda they read it and take advise from Divan Hafez.

The characteristics of Hafez shirazi poetry which made it so popular is as follows:20) Hafez is the one who found the mystery of life and used rich symbolism in his poems.  His poetry reflects the picture of his readers like a mirror , this is due to symbolism he created.  Hafez shirazi knew how to put the words together skillfully

He was able to start the poems with a beautiful tune which is unique. Sometimes these poems are sensational and epic.

Indeed Hafez shirazi was the master of rhetoric and in a unique way he showed ups and downs of life through scoffing.

Poetry of Hafez shirazi one side has sensuality and free thinking and on the other side has highest mystical enthusiasm.

Hafez was a Sufi but he was different with co religionist. He was not only ascetic and bigoted but also he was free from falsehood and greed.

During his time people didn’t know love like Hafez and there was lot of hypocrisy among them.

Hafez and love:

As a Sufi he had mystic poetry and at the same time he had free thinking and sensuality. His love is eternal.

Goethe and Hafez shirazi:

Goethe European poet and writer got inspired from Hafez poetry and wrote his Divan.

He titled the second chapter of this book as Hafez and it was all about Hafez too.

We refer to some of them:

Oh Hafez I see in your Ghazal you praise other poets ,but you are the only great poet who deserves to be praised.

It would be madness to compare other poets with you.

Friedrich Nietzsche and Hafez shirazi:

Nietzsche in his book “wisdom and advises ” Dedicates his poetry to Hafez:

The tavern you have made is so specious that whole world can enjoy of it.

Your words are so powerful we can see the presence of Phoenix and movement of mountains by them.

Every 11th October is Hafez Day. In gratitude of this great man on this day we celebrate with different programs in Iran and the other countries internationally.see also other Famous Iranian poet Saddi Shirazi

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