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Since 1979 UWH has registered 22 sites in Iran which is consist of different kind,historical sites,desert,gardens,….This sites has distributed around Iran,for visiting them 15 day is enough.UNESCO also has registered 7 Intangible Cultural Heritage of Iran which is consist of Persian traditional music,Qālišuyān rituals of Mašhad-e Ardehāl in Kāšān,Pahlevani and Zoorkhanei rituals.Ritual dramatic art of Ta‘zīye,Traditional skills of carpet weaving in Fars,Traditional skills of carpet weaving in Kashan,nowrouz. some of them are seasonal and some of them are continual which during Iran UNESCO world heritages tour you will visit.During Iran tours UNESCO world heritages sites we will visit 16 sites of Iran UWH sites in 8 cities.through this tour you will pass about 3500 km by car and 500 km by airplane which is one domestic flight.During this tour you will experience,natural sites, traditional houses,desert, safari, trekking ,nomads life style,beautiful landscapes ,most popular Iran historical sites,Iran unique museums.
Services including-Skilled tour guide,Luxary car,4-5 stars Hotels,Travel Insurance,Entrance fees.

Iran tours -UNESCO sites Day-1
Arrival in TBZ airport.visit tour guide and transfer to hotel.Tabriz is a 6th largest Iran city ,is located in north western part of Iran near Turkey.Tabriz city distance is 620 km Far from Tehran capital of Iran.Tabriz is a new and modern city and is consist of several tourist attractions in city and around.

Iran tours -UNESCO sites Day-2
morning Drive to Jolfa 140 km far from city in north west and visit Saint Stepanos Monastery.Saint Stepanos Monastery is an Armenian monastery which founded by Saint Bartholomew the Apostle around AD62.This monstery has registered in UWH. The now abandoned monastery is surrounded by a huge stone wall.its road is near beautiful Aras river.evening back to Tabriz O/N.

Iran tours -UNESCO sites Day-3
Tabriz city tour in morning ,visit Tabriz Bazaar which has registered in UWH. This bazaar is one of the biggest Iran traditional bazaar.we have no enough information about building date found, but its role in trade was highlight.being in Silk road had made it important place for export Persian silk to Europa .then visit blue mosque ,the history of main building back t0 550 years ago ,but Earthquack had destroyed the building
about 150 years ago and mosque reconstructed  again.Evening Drive to 60 km south Troglodyte Village of Kandovan in Mianeh,  Modern-day cave dwellers carve elaborate homes out of volcanic debris.O/N in Laleh Kandovan International Rocky Hotel.

Iran tours -UNESCO sites Day-4
Morning flight to Ahwaz city.Ahwaz is one of Iran city which located in south west of Iran.130 km north west of Ahwaz there is 3 major tourist attractions in Susa and Shushtar.The first is Tchogha Zanbil which in 1979 registered as the first Persian site in UNESCO world heritage.Second place is Shush Castle and Darius Palace 50 km far from Tchogha Zanbil. This complex founded by the Achaemenid king Darius I in 500 BC and was his favorite capital.Evening drive to Shuhtar 80 km far from Shush Castle and Darius Palace. O/N in Shushtar Traditional Hotel.

Iran tours -UNESCO sites Day-5
Morning visit Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System ,is an island city from the Sassanian era with a complex irrigation system.It was registered on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in 2009.Then drive to Shiraz city 537 km east of Ahwaz city.Shiraz City is the Most important tourism city in Iran.Shiraz is central area for Iran civilization and culture.The Achaemenid empire has founded from Shiraz area .the biggest Iranian Poets has lied in Shiraz.Shiraz is famous in excellent weather and poetry and delicious foods.Shiraz City is the Most important tourism city in Iran. Shiraz is central area for Iran civilization and culture.
The Achaemenid empire has founded from Shiraz area .Shiraz is famous in excellent weather and poetry and delicious foods. According to surveys , Shiraz people are most hospitality person in Iran..O/N in Shiraz.

Iran tours -UNESCO sites Day-6
Morning At 8 start Shiraz city tour
Visit the Nasir ok molk mosque a building with amazing colorful Windows and glasses.Then visit Narenjestan garden a beautiful garden and decorated building .Then visit Zandiyeh complex A nice and traditional bazaar ,traditional bath house ,and great citadel Arg e karim Khan which data back to 250 years ago built by karim Khan Zand Iranian king.After lunch time and rest in hotel.Afternoon at 16 o’clock start again visit shores monuments. The first visit Eram garden most beautiful garden (inscribed in UNESCO) in Iran ,with 110000 meters square ,and a beautiful building .know use as botanical garden.Then visit Saadi tomb ,the Persian speech master and one of the most famous Iranian poet who lived in 12 century.Then visit Darvaze Quran (gate of Quran) a place north of Shiraz on the road with a ritual building and good weather and atmosphere.At the night visit Hafez tomb ,Hafez is most famous and most popular poet in Iran .Many people believe in Hafez and trust in his poems. Every Iranian keep Hafez book in his home.And night back to hotel and rest, O/N shiraz.

Iran tours -UNESCO sites Day-7
Visit Persepolis and Pasargad (inscribed in UNESCO)- .
At 8 morning drive to Persepolis 45 km  north east of Shiraz, ancient capital of Achaemenid empire, a huge building with 125000 square consists of royal palace. required time for visiting this complex is 3_4 has a museum with a separate entrance fee.Then 3 kilometres later visit Naqsh e Rustam a mountain consists of royal tomb and many reliefs from Iranian ancient dynasty.After lunch , drive to pasargad 60km far from Persepolis. Visiting Cyrus the great tomb and his royal palace ,.O/N-Shiraz.

Iran UNESCO world heritage tour Day-8
Drive to kerman city 558 km far from Shiraz in east.It is the largest and most developed city in Kerman Province and the most important city in the southeast of Iran.Kerman is famous for its long history and strong cultural heritage.O/N Kerman

Iran tours UNESCO world heritages sites Day-9
Morning drive to Bam town 210 km in south east of city.visit The Arg-e Bam (Bam Citadel) was the largest adobe building in the world, located in Bam, a city in the Kermān Province of southeastern Iran. It is listed by UNESCO as part of the World Heritage Site “Bam and its Cultural Landscape”. On December 26, 2003, the Citadel was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake. As a World Heritage Site, several countries are cooperating in the reconstruction.Back to Kerman city and O/N.

Iran tours UNESCO world heritages sites Day-10
Morning city tour visit Ganj ali khan complex and then drive to yazd city 330 km in north.Yazd city is the second world biggest brick city located in centerfield of Iran in desert.Because of its historical structure and public religious architecture recently Yazd city inscribed in UNESCO .O/N Yazd.

Iran tours UNESCO world heritages sites Day-11
Morning visit Amir Chakhmagh square, consists of mosque and historical architectures.
Then visit Dowlat Abad garden with the high wind tower and colorful windows and glasses.
Then visit Tower of silence 15 km far from city ,a place which Zoroasterian placed dead person for exposed carrion birds with special ceremony.After lunch back city and visit wind towers and historical district of Yazd. overnight in Hotel in Yazd city.

Iran tours -UNESCO sites Day-12
Morning Drive to Isfahan City 330 km far from Yazd City .Isfahan City is Third biggest Iran City and One or the Most important tourism city in Iran .Which during Safavieh dynasty was capital of Iran and now there is a lot of remained places in city. the bridges ,schools ,mosques ,square and so .Transfer to hotel after lunch and rest ,visit Vank cathedral the most decorated church of Armenian in Iran .Then visit 8 behesht garden and late afternoon visit historical bridges on Zayandeh rood river.
O/N Isfahan.

Iran tours -UNESCO sites day -13
Visit Naqsh e Jahan square (inscribed in UNESCO)A huge and fantastic place.Acquired time for visiting is 3_4 hours. consists of nice and amazing sheikh lotfollah mosque, Imam mosque and Ali Qapou with 400 years old.After lunch visiting Chehel setoon palace 100 meters far from this square .a place in heart of beautiful garden with best decorated.Afternoon visit traditional bazaar and shopping.O/N in Isfahan.

Iran tours -UNESCO sites Day-14
At morning drive to Kashan city -217 km far from Isfahan city with a suitable highway.Kashan is a town north of Isfahan in desert with historical structure and beautiful historical hauses in kashan visit underground historical city noosh abad15 km far from city .trekking in desert visit camels.O/N Kashan.

Iran tours -UNESCO sites Day-15
Morning drive to Tehran city 247 km far from Kashan.Tehran is biggest city of Iran and its capital. Although Tehran face is so busy and covered with huge building and cars. but in heart of Tehran you can find many historical building .beautiful gardens ,a lot of museum, traditional bazaar ,and decorated palace from Qajar dynasty.100-250 years ago it was capital of Qajar dynasty. . Visit National Museum of Iran-this is the biggest Iranian archeology and history museum. The museum has a large variety of items which belongs to more than 2500 years of Iran’s history. the museum is consist of 2 part A- pre Islamic B-islamic period The building of the museum is an old one with a special architecture. You can spend half a day to visit it completely.O/N Tehran.

Iran tours -UNESCO sites Day-16
Tehran city tour –
At morning visit Golestan palace , one of the most beautiful palace in Tehran which is consist several building and museum. internal luxury decorated plus colorful tiling and remained royal Memorial has made it specific .main building has a ticket and every internal museum is so .The required time for visiting this complex is 3-4 hours.Next point is lunch in traditional restaurant near palace and bazaar.At evening you will visit national jewelry museum. This museum is one of the largest collection of jewels in the world!. Its working time is Saturday -Sunday -Monday and Tuesday at evening 14-17 -National jewelry museum is include elaborate crowns, thirty tiaras, and numerous aigrettes, a dozen bejeweled swords and shields, a number of unset precious gems, numerous plates and other dining services cast in precious metals and encrusted with gems, and several other more unusual items (such as a large golden globe with the oceans made of emeralds), Daryaye noor, biggest pink diamond in the world collected by the Iranian monarchy from the 16th century.At night going to hotel and rest .At night after dinner drive to IKA Airport.

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