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Iran visa

How to get Iran visa?How to get Iran visa? Which type of Iran visa is easier to obtain?
From 2006 onward Iranian authorities are issuing visa for travelers at Iranian international airports Citizens of Albania, Austria, Armenia, Australia ,Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Brazil, Brunei, Belarus, BelgiumوBulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China (Peoples,Republic, Croatia, Cyprus, Columbia, Cuba, Denmark,Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Hungary,,Holland, Italy, Ireland Rep, India, lndonesia, Japan,Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, North Korea,South Korea, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mexico,Malaysia, Mongolia, Norway, New Zealand, Oman,Poland, Philippine, Palestine, Portugal, Peru, Qatar,Russia federation, Romania, Spain, Serbia & Montenegro, Slovenia, Slovakia (Rep), Switzerland,Sweden, Singapore, Syria, Saudi Arabia(KSA),
Thailand, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Ukraine,Uzbekistan, UAE United Arab Emirates, Venezuela,Vietnam can receive visa at an Iranian international airport by presenting a passport size picture and paying 50 dollars fee. Normally such visa can not exceed more than a week and for a longer period the traveler must receive visa from the Iranian embassy or consulate in his home country. A passenger whose passport has been stamped with a visit to Iran can not obtain visa to Iran. A passenger or tourist can obtain visa to Iran. A passenger or tourist can extend his visa in Tehran or other towns in the  country in less than an hour. If a passenger has obtained a month’s visa to stay in Iran he can obtain three months visa for a second trip. Women must present their picture with Islamic headscarf to obtain visa.Tourists can obtain visa through Internet in less than 72 hours by applying to the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s website and by filling the required form. If approved,the Foreign Ministry will grant the applicant code which he can present to visa authorities at Imam Khomeini International Airport or a travel agency in the country and obtain his visa. Travelers must know that their baggage will be inspected upon arrival in an Iranian airport.

Perhaps the biggest reason more people don’t come to Iran is that getting a visa can be unnecessarily frustrating. Even though part of the Iranian government is trying to attract international tourists, with the ambitious if spectacularly deluded target of20 million tourists by 2020, some other problems make getting a visa such a protracted hassle that a lot of people either don’t bother or give up. The good news is that using an agency should (this is not guaranteed) make the process faster and simpler.

Getting the Paperwork Right
However you choose to apply, you’ll need to supply full personal details, copies/scans of your passport,an outline of your itinerary and photographs. For women, you’ll probably need to have your hair covered (any scarf will do) in the photo. Some embassies/consulates require you to be covered when going to collect your visa.Never try lying on your application form, and don’t complicate matters unnecessarily by claiming you’re something else than you what you really are.

Visas on Arrival
Nationals of all countries (except those listed below)holding a valid ordinary passports and wishing to visit Iran mainland, can obtain a 30-day Tourist Visa
Upon Arrival at the airports of
IKA Tehran lmam Khomeini Airport
THR Tehran Mehrabad Airport
MHD: Mashad Airport
SYZ: Shiraz Airport
TBZ :Tabriz Airport
ISF Isfahan Airport

1- The applicant should confirmed return ticket and valid passport with at least have a 6 months validity and a photo to be attached to the application form.
2- visa stamp fee(depending on the applicant’s passport nationality) is payable to the visa & passport office at the airport.
3- This type of visa is only for tourist purposes and the followings are not entitled to this visa facilitation.
3-1 Journalists and reporters on mission.
3-2 Applicants whose applications for Iran Visa have been rejected before.
3-3 Iranians holding foreign passports but still maintaining their Iranian nationality.
4- Applicants can secure the visa by completing the opposite form and receiving a pre-approval visa code.
list of non-eligible nationalities for airport visa:
Colombia,Somalia,USA.UK,Canada,Bangladesh,Jordan,Iraq ,Afghanistan,Pakistan,India.

Business Visas
Business visas can be harder to get than tourist visas.To get a two-week or one-month(extendable) business visa you must have a business contact in Iran who can sponsor your visit through the MFA in Tehran.

Transit Visas
A five-day transit visa is really a last resort. Transit visas cost almost as much as tourist visas and while in theory processing could be quick, in reality it often takes two or three weeks. One advantage is that you don’t need an agency-sponsor but you might need a letter of recommendation from your embassy. which might actually cost more. The main disadvantage?
Iran is a big country, five days is a very short time and Iran does not extend transit visas.


Our 6-step procedure to get your visa :
1) fill out the form on our website . send us your photo and a copy of your passports front page.
2) wait to receive our confirmation of the documents and our paypal account.
3) Pay the visa fee into our account and keep us informed.
4) wait to receive the authorization code after 10 working days.
5) Refer to the embassy selected and get your visa.
6) Do not miss the incredible sites in Iran .



3. Finally, I confirm the correctness of all the information I have given in the itinerary form. I Agree


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