Iran's National Jewelry Museum

Introducing the Iran’s National Jewelry Museum

Iran's National Jewelry Museum

The last Iranian king and Queen

Iran’s National Jewelry Museum was constructed by German architectures at the heart of Tehran. The area is 1000 Sm. They have equipped it to all safety systems.Technically due to historical value and having unique design and quality ,the experts are unable to estimate the value of these items even appropriately. You can find the most dazzling collection of gem stones and jewelry in this museum. When you visit this museum you can imagine the power, wealth, glory and art of Iran and Iranian during its history.
The most spectacular items of this museum are Pahlavi Crown, Jeghe Naderi, Daryay e Noor Diamond,Jewel Globe,Golden Belt, Taj e Kiani and a clock gifted by Queen Victoria to Naser al-Din Shah. Beside these there are hundreds pieces of different jeweled articles like hookah jug, jeweled candlesticks, emerald snuff box, jeweled ewer and basin, jeweled flagon , golden vessels, golden vases golden cattle, golden pots, golden tray, golden dagger, golden swords, golden bowls , different types of watches, different types of brooches jeweled guns, jeweled belts ,thousands of gold coins, jeweled boxes, robe and cape studded with pearls , shields, hat and head wear designed with gem stones,Coffee set , golden framed mirror , different size of Persian paisley, sugar bowls, medals and thousands of precious stunning jewelry items.Opening time :Open during Saturday to Tuesday. 14 to 16:30
Address: Central Bank of Iran -Under 12 years not allowed.


Iran's National Jewelry Museum

Reza Shah and Mohammad Reza Shah ‘s Crown:
This crown is made with gold and silver and adorned with stunning pieces of diamonds , emeralds, pearls and blue sapphire. The fabric of the crown is red color velvet. The design of this crown is similar to the crown of Sassanid Kings because it has crenel design with a sun in the center. Seven lines of diamonds have decorated this sun and The swan feather on the crown has made it more glorious. The number of the precious gem stones on this crown are as follows:
3380 pieces of stunning diamonds which weigh 1144 carat ,5 pieces of dazzling emerald which weigh 199 carat, 2 pieces of blue sapphire 19 carat and 368 shining pearls. Total weight of this unique crown is about two kilo and 80 grams Qajar kings wore Kiani Crown but Reza Shah liked to have his own crown and never used Qajar crowns for his coronation.


Iran's National Jewelry Museum

Daryay e Noor diamond (See of light)
One of the greatest items in Iran’s National Jewelry Museum which attracts everybody’s attention is Daryay e Noor. Among all the Jewels in the museum this one has the first rank. It was brought to Iran from India by Nader Shah after war victory. During Qajar and Zandiyeh Dynasty Daryaye Noor Diamond was with kings but later at the time of Pahlavi Dynasty they moved it to National Museum. It is light pink color. Canadian scientists believe earlier it was larger and later was cut into two pieces. It is said this unique diamond was extracted about 1000 years back. weight of this amazing diamond is 182 carat. You can find it in showcase no. 26 in Jewelry Museum.


Golden ewer and basin
There are one ewer and one basin also which are made of pure gold and they were made during Fathali Shah (king of Qajar dynasty)specially for him.






Candlesticks for Nowruz Festival
There are two golden candlesticks in Iran’s National Jewelry Museum which were made in 19th century during Qajar time. They are adorned with shiny emerald, diamonds and rubies. You can see how delicately they are decorated with pearls and rubies pendant. These candlesticks were used at the time of Nowruz festival and were kept both sides of Takht e Tavus ( king’s throne).





Farah Pahlavi's Crown:

Farah Pahlavi’s Crown:
This crown was made in 1967 by famous jewelry designers Van Cleef and Arpelle. This beautiful crown is one kilo and 489 grams. They have used diamonds,emeralds , rubies, sapphire and pearls for this crown. You can visit Iran’s National Jewelry Museum in Tehran and see the stunning Persian jewels here.






Cloak of Reza Shah

Cloak of Reza Shah(Founder of Pahlavi dynasty)
This cloak is silk, hand woven and has white color background designed with Persian paisley. It has a zardoozi border for 6 centimeters. It was made specially for Reza Shah Pahlavi. In 1967 also Mohammad Reza Shah wore this cloak for coronation. There is about 80 grams of pearls stitched on this cloak.


Abbas Mirza’s crown :
This crown is made of velvet and atlas fabric with pearls and sequences stiched on that. The fabrics are red color. There is a piece of golden framed diamond on top of this formal head wear. Abbas Mirza was Fathali Shah’s son and he wore it for official ceremonies.






Naderi Takht or Throne of Nader:
Naderi Takht is not relevant to Nader shah. According to resources it was made during Fathali Shah Qajar. Fathali Shah used it every time he went for summer house. In fact this bed is made of 12 pieces which can be assembled easily. This bed is adorned with 26000 pieces of Gem stones and was used during Pahlavi’s time as well.



Brooches in Iran’s National Jewelry Museum
There are some brooches in Iran’s National Jewelry Museum made in 19th century. The design of them are a duck made with black pearls and swan with white pearls beautifully.




Soward and war shield of Nader Shah Afshar are another great items of Iran’s National Jewelry Museum. The shield is made of rhino skin decorated with precious Gem stones beautifully. Nader Shah was one of the most powerful rulers of Iran. It is said that after Nader Shah it was Fathali Shah who ordered to adorn this shield with Gem Stones these stones are diamonds, emerald and other valuable stones. Some sources believe Nader Shah himself was interested of decorating this shield.



Jeghe Naderi
It is adorned with diamond and emerald and in the center of that one unique stunning emerald is fixed. On the bottom of Jeghe there are three pendents from Amrud. Top part of the Jeghe is divided to 7 raw of diamonds which are adorned with diamond flowers and leaves and emerald pendant. Reza shah Pahlavi wore it on different occasions.  Total weight is about 135 gm. It was made in 18th century.




Kiani Crown 
Kiani Crown belonged to Fathali Shah (King of Qajar dynasty) and was adorned with diamond,emerald, ruby and pearls. It was made during his kingdom and was used by his successors too.
After Sassanid period for first time they made this Crown with different Persian style.
It was made in 1797 AD.





Jewel Globe:
Jewel Globe was made during Naser al din Sha’s time in 1900s. It was made by a team of jewelers under supervision of Ibrahim Masihi. This Globe was decorated with large amounts of precious stones which were collected by state treasury. The net weight of gold used in this globe is 34 kg. and 3656 gm. of Gem stones. They used 51366 pieces of different precious stones to decorate this globe. The jewelers tried to show the world map by using shiny colorful stones. Oceans are specified with emeralds ,earth with rubies South East Asia , Iran and U K with diamonds, India with light color rubies and South Africa with sapphire. The Equator and other geographical lines are shown with diamonds .The diameter of this beautiful Globe is 66 cm. and is fixed on a golden stand adorned with colorful valuable Gem stone.


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