Kandovan village

Introducing to Kandovan village

Kandovan village in Eastern Azarbayjan, located 62 km away from Tabriz in Sahand rural district, the central part of Osku. Kandovan village beside Cappadocia in Turkey and Dakota in America, are the three cliff village, but the unique characteristic of Kandovan is that the people still live there and the life is going on.
At the first glance at the Kandovan village, are seen a series of sharp cones that have many holes on their surfaces. This cones beside each other or separately, came out of the hillside of a high mountain and went up the sharp slope of mountain like stairs. The building of Kandovan’s houses is a kind of cliff architectural one that refers to the thirteenth century AD and in some cases refers to pre Islamic era. This village is a sample of one of the most primary methods of human life and his coexistence with the nature.
The word Kandovan derived from the word hive which refers to the architecture of its houses. This conical houses are made like the cells of beehive. Although their primary shape, formed naturally by eruption of the volcano that in centuries these lava became cold and hard and conical. Existence of beautiful springs for Azerbaijan renal patients and the peace and silence of the mountain, plus the fresh weather, attract many tourists to this place every year. Prosperous nomadic pastures make available a suitable space for nurturing bees and cultivating herbal medicines which is a source of making money for rural people. In addition handicrafts like weaving rug (glim) and woollen carpet, colorful and beautiful scarfs are other ways of occupying the women of Kandovan.
In the history of Kandovan village, is said that the first persons who entered to, where the inhabitants of a village named HilleVar that was located 2 km away from Kandovan which immigrated to a plain opposite side of present village due to being safe and secure from attacks on Mongul, and during a time they excavated the mountain and made shelters for themselves.
Kandovan has mosque, bath, school and mill and the area if the mosque, formed one of the biggest area of the village.
Inside the houses is small and simple but tidy and clean. Each one has some small rooms decorated with shelves, curtain and cushion. Houses generally have some floors, the first floor as sheep cote for their animals and other floors for living in. Houses like other hill villages, are stairy and narrow alleys with sharp slope connect them to each other. The special trait of living in these stones is that there will be cool in summer and warm in winter. Of course Kandovan has a long cold winter so that the tourist season of there, starts at spring and continued to autumn.

Laleh (Tulip) Cliff Hotel of Kandovan village
In Kandovan village, constructing an international cliff hotel which is the third one in the world, provides the possibility of presence of internal and external tourists in the best situation.
Laleh Hotel has fourteen area (natural stone rooms) which at present in the first phase totally has one hundred areas with jacuzzi and services, that areas consist of 3 large suites and 3 small Obes with jacuzzi and 4 areas with shower bath. Areas in winter have floor heating system, and in summer because of the pleasant weather, there is no need to cooling system. Magnificent mini bar and restaurant with local Iranian foods and European ones with the capacity of reception for 120 guests, are other special facilities of this dreamy hotel. In next phases for developing the hotel, forecasted increasing 300 areas with all fun, commercial and welfare facilities like elevator, electronic stairs, swimming pool, sauna, …. and making lobby and parking lot. Instruction of Laleh Hotel in Kandovan done by “Iran Tourism Development Company” in 2002 which is a part of private department.

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