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Intruducing Meymand Village

Meymand village with 8000 to 12000 years history is located 38 kms away from the East North of Shahr Babak, 220 kms away from Kerman and 930 kms away from Tehran in east south.
Meymand is a handmade cliff (rocky) village that is thousand years old. This handmade construction, undoubtedly is one of the first residential areas of human in Iran, the time when Iranians were Mithraism and respected mountains. This collection settled in the list of world heritage in UNESCO.
Geographical points:
The weather of Meymand is moderate mountain that its winters are cold and summers are moderate, this historic village located in the border line of plain and mountain. It’s height from the sea is 2240 meters and it’s annual raining is 185 mm.
Nobody knows who made this complex yet and what was the stimulant of making such buildings, it’s very important because in that time and with that primary instruments, creating this magnificent complex with unique architectur is adorable.
Some researchers believe that people used these handmade caves just for worshiping and burning dead persons, and after a while due to the emergency of climate or any other environmental factor, these caves were selected for living.
People of Meymand, by taking away large amount of soil and without need to sun dried bricks and cement and by carving mountain and rock, made these houses. Because of this, shelves of the room carved in different sizes base on the size of beds, dishes, box, light, … . The whole house that may consists of one or more rooms and stable, named as “Kiche”, a unit has one joint entrance. All “Keches” don’t have a similar structure, they are different in size and the number of rooms.
Sizes and Numbers of houses of Meymand:
The number of Kiche (houses) in the village are 406 and the number of rooms are 3560 rooms and their sizes are different, a room sized 3×4 is 1.90 to 2.10 high, and the largest Kiche is not more than 90 meters.
*Attractions of Meymand Village*
Bath of village:
Bath of Meymand that carved in the mountain like its houses is one of the wonders of the houses that had reservoir as traditional bathes. At the bottom of the courtyard or area carved a reservoir in the stone and a curve hole connected it to the yard to take water and in the middle of the reservoir is a cavity for putting pot to warm up the water and under and behind this cavity is a corridor which door open outside the bath, and the fireplace was under the bath. One of the strange points in this bath is a marble stone above the area and dressing room which reflects light in bath and in fact is the source of light for the bath.
The school of Meymand village:
The old school of the village constructed like the houses with the difference that width and depth and the entrance path of the Kiche is more than houses. Totally this school has five area as classes and the office. In front of the Kiche is a large yard that enclosed with stones without cement and a tree is there.
The Mosque of Meymand Village:
This mosque has about 120 square metres extent and it’s shape is round and untidy. After passing a corridor with 1.5 meters width we receive to the yard. Ceiling of the mosque constructed on three stone columns with 2 meters height. Altar of the mosque carved in the stone and it’s height is about one meter. Floor of the mosque is without pavement ir any other cover and just covered by hand woven carpets of Meymand. This mosque has no hole for getting light and it’s light comes from the entrance door.
Guest House of Meymand village:
The guest house as old as the all history in a completely traditional style, inspired from nature and historic architecture, is prepared for residing internal and external tourists.
Traditional Restaurant:
In traditional restaurant, the furniture made completely based on the nature and historic architecture and tables of the restaurant is stoney with wooden legs, and the guests entertain with local and traditional foods.

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