Introducing Most Beautiful mosques in Iran

Iran is Muslim country and there is a lot of mosques in country.Iranian mosque history back to 1400 years ago ,when Arabs conquered Iran and Iranian people changed their religion to Islam.The Iranians knew how to build tall buildings with massive internal space and their places of worship have always been in harmony with the ideas and nature surrounding them.The architecture of the mosques in Iran varies from one region to another, due to geometric structures, materials and styles specific to each location.These mosques often have very complex structures in which color variations, tiles and symbolic designs are this article we introduce you the most beautiful mosques in Iran.



Nassir ol molk Mosque(Shiraz city)

Most Beautiful mosques in Iran -Number 1
Nassir ol molk Mosque(Shiraz city)
Nassir ol molk Mosque, universally known for the eye-catching photographs of the colourful ray of lights from the windows at the morning, is equipped with a brick yard at north. The entrance gate is capped by a big ceiling with false arches and covered by colorful tiles. A double wooden door is set at the gate. Two shabestans are set at the eastern and western wings; the western shabestan covered by ornamental bricks and supported by stone columns is prettier than the eastern shabestan. Seven wooden doors decorated by pretty colorful windowpanes at the western shabestan open into  the courtyard. The decoration of this mosque resembles that of Vakil’s Mosque in Shiraz. The ceiling and walls of the western shabestan is covered by very pretty tiles and the floor is covered by azure tiles. The roof and the ceiling of the Morvarid Taqnama (false arch) at north are covered by very pretty tiles and verses from the Quran.Read more about this mosque ,Here.



Most Beautiful mosques in Iran -Number 2
Vakil’s Mosque(Shiraz city)
The mosque is located in Shiraz city 990 km far from Tehran city.This is a very pretty and solid mosque built by humble Karim Khan (who called himself Vakil  ul roaya the people’s representative).The mosque is equipped with two porticoes and two shabestans. The southern Shabestan covering an area of 5 thousand m is supported by 48 spiral stone columns. A staircase with 14 steps leading to a pulpit made of a single rock in the shabestan has added to the shabestan’s beauty. The mosque is void of minarets. The interior of the mosque has been coated with very beauty tiles in the shapes of trees, flowers and nighting.



Moshir Al Molk mosque(Shiraz city)

Most Beautiful mosques in Iran -Number 3

Moshir Al Molk mosque(Shiraz city)
Moshir Al Molk mosque One of the loveliest Qajar religious buildings in Shiraz, the Moshir al-Molk Mosque was built on the initiative of Mirza Abul hasan Moshir al-Molk, a grand vizier of the Fars province during the Qajar period. The construction took ten years and was completed in 1858. These dates can be read on the eivans 1849 on the west and 1858 on the east. The Moshir al-Molk Mosque is a very solid-looking building, which makes it a pleasant exception among the Qajar structures.The structure is entered via a somewhat shabby,timeworn portal 1, with some tile work framing a heavy gate with metal thorns. Mosque is built unusually on a three-eivan plan(with the porches on the north 6, west, and east 6 sides), and has along its south side nine arcades,occupied in the past by students of theology. The most beautiful is the north eivant, surmounted by a pair of tiled minarets It is abundantly adorned with excellent Qajar faience tiles and fine mogarnas in the depth of the vault. The west eivan is also very attractive. It is topped by the first clock tower in Shiraz and by a badgire , which enhances the circulation of air in the mosques main prayer hall.


Most Beautiful mosques in Iran -Number 5
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque (Isfahan city)
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is another masterpiece of architecture and tilework, built within 18 years. It loctaed in Isfahan city 500 km far from Tehran city, in Naghsh Jahan sq 100 m far from Shah mosque.It is registered along with the Naqsh-e Jahan Square as a UNESCO World Heritage is void of minaret and courtyard. Externally the dome looks unusual both in form and color (Robert Byron says the decoration and the measurements of mosque is a masterpiece and unique in the world).the dome is squat and the dominant colour of the times is not glittering blue but unglazed milky white.The arabesques are glazed white, turquoise and deep blue, sweeping in majestic curves. Very skillful use has been made of the contrast between glazed and unglazed tiles to give a suitable glitter to the surface. Looking across from Ali Qapoo the dome and portal are reflect in the pool that has been built in the middle of the Square.


Most Beautiful mosques in Iran -Number 4
Shah Mosque (Isfahan city)
Masjid-e Shah or Abbasi Mosque is located in Isfahan city 500 km far from Tehran city. it placed in south of the Naqsh-e Jahan Square.It is registered along with the Naqsh-e Jahan Square as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. .it was constructed in 1611 by a Shah Abbas the First. It is a masterpiece of architecture and tilework.The mosque is equipped with a courtyard, four porticos, four minarets, a giant tiled a dome 52 m above ground and minarets rising 48 m from the ground surface.




Masjed Jam'e (Isfahan city)

Most Beautiful mosques in Iran -Number 6
Masjed Jam’e (Isfahan city)
Masjed Jam’e (Congregation Mosque) another historical attraction in Isfahan city. If Naqsh e Jahan gives the visitor the first flavour of Isfahan of Shah Abbas, the Friday Mosque is the perfect introduction to the pre-Abbas city because it is a model of Persian architecture from Seljuk to early Safavid times. Structures surviving from Seljuk and Mongol ( 700 years ago) times include two Seljuk brick domed chambers the sanctuary of Oljaytu and a vaulted labyrinth constructed at various periods between twelfth and the fourteenth centuries. The buildings are notable for their formal beauty and structural perfection. Religious fighting broke out during these times and the Shafeyee followers destroyed part of the southern building of the Mosque including the dome and upper part of the walls at the larger dome chamber. Few years after reconstruction of the sanctuary a smaller domed chamber, known as Gonbad-e Khaki, was built at the northern wing of the mosque by Tajolmolk, the Seljuk king’s minister and enemy of Nizam ol molk. If it was an attempt to surpass Nizam’s Sanctuary .then Tajolmolk has certainly succeeded and though smaller the Brown Dome it is the most perfect It is made of small bricks of mousy gray, which swallows up the ornament of Kufi scripts and stucco inlay. The building is constructed in a succession of arches: first a single broad arch in the center ofeach wall with pairs of narrow arches cutting the corners.This mosque has registered by UNESCO as a world heritage site.



Most Beautiful mosques in Iran -Number 7
The Yazd Masjed Jãmeh(Yaz city)
The Congregation Mosque of Yazd (Masjed Jãmeh) which is depicted on the obverse of the Iranian 200 rials banknote, dates back to 12th century but is still in use today. It was first built under Garshasb of the Al-e Bouyeh dynasty( 9 century ). The mosque was largely rebuilt between 1324 and 1365 and is one of the outstanding 14th century buildings of Iran. The mosque is crowned by a pair of minarets, the highest in Iran, and the portal’s facade is decorated from top to bottom in ling tile work, predominantly blue in colour.Within is a long arcaded courtyard where, behind a deep-set south-east iwan, is a sanctuary chamber (shabestan). This chamber, under a squat tiled dome, is exquisitely decorated with faience mosaic: its tall faience Mihrab, dated 1365, is one of the finest of its kind in existence.The mosque located in Yazd city 626 km far from Tehran city.



Most Beautiful mosques in Iran -Number 8
Goharshad Mosque(Mashhad city)
Goharshad Mosque near Imam Reza’s shrine contains four porticoes and two tiled minarets. The Mosque is a masterpiece of art. This mosque was built in the year 1418 AD upon the instruction of Goharshad, the wife of Mirza Shahrokh, the grandson of Timur and governor of Khorasan.Other important parts in the Imam Reza’s Shrine consist of seminaries, a place of public prayers,two Masjid, Shah Mosque, Rabi’s tomb, Green dome (the tomb e of Sheikh Momen Astarabadi), Nader’s Mausoleum showing him mounted on his horse.Nader’s Museum displays weapons used during Afshar Period.(18 century) and paintings about his battle. scenes.



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