Nasir ol Molk Mosque

Nasir ol Molk Mosque

Nasir ol Molk Mosque is one of the most beautiful Mosques of Iran which is located in Shiraz city The combination of colorful window glasses and beautiful tiling has made it specific.

Being in old area of Shiraz and next to Shahcheragh and Vakil Bazaar makes it easy to reach. Its stunning stained glasses windows letting colorful rays of light passing through and creating wonderful reflection on columns and flooring.

The outside and inside of Nasir ol Molk Mosque  building is so different, while inside of that a world of color and beauty Is hidden.

As we enter Nasir ol Molk Mosque we observe a large stone pool which is decorated with geraniums plant in summer and spring time.
There are always many busy photographers and Iranian models in this beautiful mosque.

ThNasir ol Molk Mosque was built about 100 years back. It took 12 years to be completed ( from 1914 to 1926).e built area is 2012 S.M and total area of mosque is 2980 S M.

The architect of Nasir ol Molk Mosque was Mohammad Hassan Memar.

Nasir ol Molk Mosque has two praying halls in east and west side. The architect has shown more attention to the western hall.

There are 12 stone columns with spiral shaft in western praying hall. They symbolize 12 Imams of Muslim Shia religion.

In fact the western hall with 7 wooden doors and colorful glasses which has given the hall special atmosphere , is the main hall.

Although the similarity between columns of this mosque  and Vakil Mosque is obvious, the seven colors tiling of Nasir ol Molk has made it magnificent.

There are 7 columns in winter praying hall.The water for the mosque was extracted from two wells. That was the only way to prepare water and they called them Gavi Well.

The Iwans of the mosque in north and south are different. The northern Iwan has a larger area of colorful decoration.

There is beautiful calligraphy of Quran verses in Nasir ol Molk Mosque.To avoid monotony the walls are covered with bricks and colorful tiles together.

The courtyard of Mosque is square shape with a stone pool in its center.The pool is 4.5m by 16.5 m.The  Mosque has two iwans , the northern one has 8 m.high white beautiful tile decoration while the south Iwan is very modest.

The entrance of Mosque has two large wooden doors.

On the portal we can see a poem by Shurideh Shirazi which depicts date and name of the person who Mosque was made at his order and a great calligraphy of Quran Verses.

Western hall of  Mosque has turquoise color flooring while ceiling is decorated with colorful tiles with floral design.



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