Shah Cheragh holy shrine

Introducing to Shah Cheragh

Shah Cheragh is a holy shine in Shiraz that based on the Shiites’ belief, Ahmad Ibn e Moosa Kazem, the elder son of Imam Moosa Kazem the seventh Imam of Shiites and other brothers of Imam Reza are buried there. They traveled to Shiraz to join their brother Imam Reza in Khorasan province 1200 years ago, but the army of Ma’moon the Abbasid Caliph killed them on the way to Shiraz.
This shrine is located near Vakil bazaar and mosque. The tomb of Seyyed Mir Mohammad is located beside Shah Cheragh holy shrine.

Archaeologic specifications of the building:
Inside Shah Cheragh holy shrine is decorated by small pieces of colorful mirror and different nice types of calligraphy in Persian and Arabic around the mirrors. The construction of the Shah Cheragh holy shrine consists of an Ivan in front of it and an open area behind the Ivan. In four side of the sanctuary located four alcoves and a mosque is on the western side of shrine. The tomb (Zarih) is located in the alcove under the dome made from pure silver.
The courtyard of Shah Cheragh holy shrine has two main entrance doors which are on the north and south and we pass under two tile working  facades and enter the yard. In the middle of the yard is a big pond with fountain and trees around it. Shah Cheragh is on the west side of the yard and his brother on the eastern north of it.
Except the two main doors, there are two secondary doors which one of them reaches to Haji bazaar and the other goes to Jame Atigh Mosque. All around the yard are rooms in two floors with tile works in their facades and pillars. Irony columns of Ivan covered by precious woods and in the ceiling woodcarving works. Extensive services like police station, telephone and post office, library and museum are created here for more welfare for visitors.

A short history of Shah Cheragh holy shrine:
In 1324 AC the queen Tashi Khatoon the mother of the king of Fars province, did some good work in this place. This beneficent lady repaired here and during 5 years (1324 to 1329 AC) made an extensive and high dome on the top of the shrine.

In 1491 AC, done another reconstruction here by order of Shah Ismail the Safavid king. 85 years later in 1576 AC, half of the dome destroyed due to an earthquake that repaired after years.

In 1721 AC, Nader Shah Afshar Iranian king did another improvement on it and he ordered to hang a big lustre under the Shah Cheragh holy shrine dome.In an earthquake in 1818 AC, Shiraz ruined completely and the tomb too.
In 1823 AC, Fath Ali Shah Qajar king, ordered to make the floor of the Shah Cheragh holy shrine 1 meter higher than the surface of the earth.

In 1868 AC, Masoud Mirza , installed a silver door in the entrance and in 1871 AC a big belly watch on the southern part. In 1885 AC a detailed mirror working done in the interior walls.
In 1957 AC the latest old dome removed and the first dome made from reinforced concrete was made by the National Monuments Association and the Archeology Office of Fars by efforts of the missing artist, Seyyed Ahmad Reza Zadeh.

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