Shia imams-Imam Reza

What is Iranian belief about Shia Imams?

Shia Imams: According to Shia belief,Shia Imams are so holy and they have a magic power in order to make a miracle.especially in medical and treatment of patients.Imam means religious leadership.

The biggest contrast between Shia and Sunni is just Imam.After holy prophet era,the Muslim divided to 2 big main group.The first and bigger group are Sunni and other group made Shia.Shia believe in 12 imams ,after holy prophet era.the first of shia Imam was imam Ali .he married in Fatemeh daughter of holy prophet.

When the Holy Prophet died, conflicts between Shia and Sunni began. Shia believed that the holy Prophet had chosen Imam Ali as his successor, but the Sunnis chose Abobakr as the successor of the royal prophet to the caliph,So they get a arch enemy.
But what happened for 12 Shia Imams .most of them murdered in fight against Caliph (Shia enemies).and one of the Shia Imams is absent according to their belief.he will come and change the world in order to establish judgment.

The origin of Shia and imams was Saudi Arabia.but most of them migrated to other countries.such as Iraq and Iran.

A large group of them came to Iran. When Imam Reza the 8th Shia Imam lived in Iran. In Mashhad city, her great family decided to come to Iran to visit him. He had 18 brothers and 18 sisters. But when they arrived Iran, in the south in the province of Fars, the local government attacked them and forged some of them. Many of them escaped and began to live hidden.Far from government soldiers,a place such as high mountain,garden and other places.

And they dead at that places.and dogged by their families or people.After centuries, their tombs were discovered and people for respect them, built a holy shrine.This place name is Imamzadeh.It means eans son or grandson of Imams.

Most of them are anonymous, but the main shia Imams grave is very famous and important and has white the best materials, such as gold or silver or other historical art.Each Imamzadeh has made in several part .the main part name is Zarih or mahjar ,place which Imams graves has located

The best decoration has been used in this part.Mirror, gold and a cage on grave, which is full of money of people and precious things like a gold.Liebe pay this money voluntarily.This money to spend the development of the holy shrine.

In each holy shrine ,there is a many workers,their name is Khadem،means servant man of holy shrine.Most of them work free of charge,and just for their belief.Imam reza is biggest holy shrine in Iran and one of the Shia most important.

This holy shrine has located in east of Iran,in central khorasan province.About 30 million people visit this place annually.Iranian and other countries like Iraq,Pakistan,India,Afghanistan,Bahrain and so.

In 818 Ac Imam Reza 8th shia Imam was murdered by Abbas id caliph and buried bedside caliph father grave.
Several time after Imam Reza ,the holy shrine built and ruined by different kings and dynasty .
Special in Ghaznavi and seljuq era,but in Timurid era during reign of shshrukh mirza ,the building renoved as well as ,with best art
and decorating.
Between 8_14 century ,many building added to holy shrine ,such as 2 Dar madrasah,bala sar msdrisah,Dar al Huffaz and ect.
Although in Safavid empire the earthquake and Uzbek attacks,rained som part of building,but they renoved the dome and building as well as.and they added some building such as Sahn Atiq (the old courtyard).

During Afsharid and Qajar dynasty 1779_1923 the holy shrine was center of attention and they extended holy shrine and Gohar shad mosque minarets ,saqqa khane (drinking water place)and courtyards(Sahn)

The holy shrine is consists of seven courtyards(Sahn)-Saunders inqilab which means revolution.Sahn Azadi which means freedom.-Imam Khomeini Sahn-Gohar shad Sahn-Quds Sahn-Islamic republic Sahn
Jame razavi

For travel to the Mashhad city the second largest Iranian city to Tehran, there are other options. Mashhad airport, railways and roads. Distance from Tehran to Mashhad City is 882 km.About 10 hours.Other important shia Imams holy shrine in Iran is Shah cheragh Imam Reza brother in Shiraz city and Fatemeh Masoumeh his sister in Qom city.

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