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Introduction Shiraz city :

Shiraz city is capital of Fars province .Fars province located in south of Iran.Shiraz city is  sixth biggest city of Iran with 1/8 million Population and  the most important Iran tourist city . In fact Fars province is major agriculture of is richest point of Iran in history and civilization .about 3500 heritage sites of Fars province has registered in Iran national heritage organization.The history date back to  4000 years ago .Shiraz is 990 Km far from Tehran city.other important tourist city around Shiraz are Yazd city 440 KM far in North East, Isfahan city 500 Km far in north .Kerman city 558 km far in East.

geography and climate of Province:

The west and North west of Fras are surrounded by Zagros Mountains. And there are many more mountains in western and Northen parts. Other areas are desert and semi- desert. The highest point is Sepidan near Shiraz city and lowest point is near Lar a city cloth to Persian gulf in south of province. Fars enjoys four separate seasons and that’s why it has one of the most pleasant climate of Iran. The hottest months are July and August with 38′ C and January is the coldest month.Shiraz  and Fars province climate is specific because it is four seasons weather.
In west side of Shiraz about one hour far from city there is very green area with beautiful weather,Sepidan city . The beauty of waterfalls such as a Margoon , and nature is amazing. This area which has ski piste also is called Pooladkaf.In the south side of Shiraz we can experience warm weather in desert.

In south of Shiraz not more than 2 hours distance the climate is warm and cold with a huge area covered with palm trees. These area are Darab and Jahrom Cities.In north west where we have moderate climate , Kazeroon city is there. This city which is at the foot of Zagros Mountain has historical sites of Sassanian Dynasty too such as a Bishaboor and Shapur cave.

In north east of Shiraz there is Marvdasht City , you can experience  a good climate with beautiful agriculture land on one side and the greatest ancient sites of Iran on the other side. These important historical places are Naghse e Rustam,Persepolis,and Pasargadae.Toward east within two hours we can reach to another city with combined weather. This place is called Firoozabad and its old name is Shahr e Goor. There are great ancient places of Sassanian here. Like Ardashir palace, Ghale Dokhtar which belongs to 1700 years back. Shahr e Goor is the  city with circular plan.

In spring season ,Shiraz has the best weather along with blossom fragrance.Best season for travelling to Shiraz city is April and May in spring .and  September ,October .Shiraz just in December ,February and some part of  January an March is rainy.


City  history dates back to Elamite about 4000 years ago. There is lots of evidence that shows,Elamite had some temples in Shiraz .Shiraz name had been seen in Achaemenid inscription and brick relief  2500 years ago.


No wonder Shiraz City is known as center of culture and history. Shiraz City has some more titles like city of Nightingale and flowers, city of literature because it was always residence of famous poets like Hafez and Saadi. City of wine and poem is other Shiraz title,due to its high quality  red wine which provide by grape.Shiraz City is famous for its garden also. One of the areas of Shiraz City is called Ghasrodasht and has lots of gardens.

Persian is language of people in city but they have special accents and dialects which is sweat and unique.

Shiite Muslims are the majority religious group of province. They live peacefully with the other groups such as Zoroastrian, Sunni and Jews. A lot of Sunni muslim live in south of Province. there is a few church in Shiraz city.Shiraz city is the third religious city of Iran after Mashhad and Qom. Shahcheragh Shrine is in Shiraz City. It’s very important shrine for Shia muslim.

How to go Shiraz city

There are different means of transport to reach Shiraz. SYZ airport is second largest  international airport in Iran . Shiraz airport supports international flights from many parts of the world like London, Baghdad, Dubai,Bahrain, Muscat, Istanbul, Vienna , Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.There are flights between Tehran and Shiraz every day.Also between Dubai and Shiraz.Shiraz city is developed . Also there is subway in city and city is joined to Iran railways.Shiraz also has a suitable highways in order to joint other cities.

Historical sites of Shiraz city:

Shiraz City has many historical sites from Qajar and Zand period.We ca classify this monuments in 3 major part 

A– places are located in center of  City and easy to reach. the oldest place of Shiraz back to 12 centuries ago ,this is Atiq mosque.About 250 years back, founder of Zandiyeh Dynasty, Karim khan , selected Shiraz as capital. He built many great buildings for people of this city which are still usable.They are called Vakil ,Vakil  was title of Karim Khan.After zandiyeh dynasty ,qajar dynasty captured Shiraz About 200 years ago,so There are many monuments from Qajar Dynasty. The local government of Fars was rich and powerful and built many beautiful buildings in old districts of Shiraz , Lotf Ali khan e Zand ( name of the last king of Zand Dynasty).

B-Places are located in west ,There are two beautiful gardens from Qajar period in the west side of  City.

C-Places are located in North and east ,There are some more monuments in north of  City like Hafez Tomb and Jahan Nama Garden, khaju Kermani Tomb, another famous poet and Quran Gate. It is advised to visit these places in late afternoon.

A- Cenrtal monuments

Vakil Bazaar

This is a traditional bazaar in the city center which is remain from Zandiyeh period . You should go there because there are many beautiful things there that is worth to visit . You can buy gifts for your friends and family there .

Vakil Bathhouse
Located next to bazzar with a 50 meters distance far  there is Anthropology Museum today.This place really gives you a taste of the culture and traditional baths. Here you will find all the sounds associated to the bathhouse incorporated with life size wax figures that have titles and a brief explanation of what each person did.
Vakil mosque
Located next to Bath house 10 meters far with amazing architecture and by the impressive tiled portal and the 48 carved pillars inside. 
Nazar Garden – Pras museum
Located 100 meters far from Bath house , there is a beautiful garden with a little building in center  which is a beautiful museum.
Citadel or Arg e Karim khan
Located 50 meters far from Pars museum with high walls and great decoration inside  At first sight it looks like army fortress but inside there is a beautiful building.
Naranjestan House
Located end of lotfahli khan Zand st. About 1000 meters far from Vakil complex.This is  beautiful building  and garden decorated with the best 7 Iranian arts and a little museum.
Zinat ol molk   house
Located  next to Naranjestan House it as the resident of Qavam family. This beautiful house today is waxed museum of all famous people of Fars over the centuries.
Nasir ol molk Mosque 
Located In the same area just 400 m. farther and 500 meters far from Vakil Bazaar  we have one of the most amazing  mosques of Iran with great architecture and colorful tile work. This Mosque is the most visited on the internet and most photographed. The best time to visit is early morning especially in autumn season.
B-western monuments
Eram Garden
Located 10 minutes far from center of Shiraz.The garden  sq is   110000 s. m area and great pavilion in the center and registered by UNESCO.In center of garden there is a beautiful building with nice decoration.
Afif Abad Garden
The second garden is Afif Abad. There is a beautiful 2 stories building in that. The first floor is Army Museum and second floor was decorated for Pahlavi King and Queen. Their furniture still are there for public to visit.Located 5 minute far from Eram garden in west.
C-north eastern monuments
Saadi Tomb
Located  in east side foot of mountain in old Saadi district.He was a great poet from 12 century. His poetry after 800 years are still fresh and beautiful. Saadi  is very popular ,every years 2 million people visit his tomb.
Hafez tomb 
Hafez is most famous lyricist and master of pPersian literature which lived in 14th century.His tomb is most famous monument i Iran.the tomb located in north of Shiraz 10 minutes far from city center.
Best Hotels in Shiraz city
Shiraz 5* star Hotel
The Hotel was built 5 years back on top of north east mountains of Shiraz City. Shiraz hotel with 14stories and 158 rooms has capacity for 350 guests. Shiraz Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels of Iran and located near Saadi and Hafiz tombs and next to
Zandiyeh 5* Hotel
Zandieh 5* Hotel is located in a very nice area next to Zandieh Complex. It’s 900 s m and three stories with 72 rooms and suites. The architecture of Zandiyeh Hotel is inspired by design of buildings in 18 century of Zand Dynasty. From Zandiyeh Hotel to Arg e Karimkhan and Bazar and Mosque is walking distance
Chamran 5* Hotel
The Hotel is another hotel of Shiraz with beautiful location. Chamran Hotel is the tallest hotel of Shiraz with a nice view of Ghasrodasht area. Chamran Hotel is 30 stories building,16 floors of it includes rooms for guests. Total number of the rooms are 250. It’s little far from center of the city but the road is worth a drive.
Pars 5* Hotel
The Hotel is another hotel located in Zand Avenue in Shiraz. Pars Hotel has 188 rooms and suites. The location of this hotel has made it a easy place to stay for tourists because the historical places are not far from it. Specially those who come to Shiraz for treatment find it very suitable area to stay.
Homa 5* hotel
The building of Homa Hotel is in the middle of Azadi Park. The serenity of Hotel Homa has made it favorite of many tourists. Homa Hotel was renovated three years back. Homa Hotel has 8 stories building with 212 rooms and 22 suites. All the rooms have beautiful views of mountains and garden.

Foods to eat:

Kalam Polo

is a delicious rice mixed with cabbage , meat balls , herbs and saffron.
Shirazi Salad:
It’s made of chopped cucumber, tomato and onion mixed with tasty dressing of Verjuice and dried mint.

Faloodeh or paloodeh Shirazi:
This is a cooling dessert made of thin vermicelli noodles in a semi frozen sugar and and mixed with rose water syrup.

Things to Do

Shiraz is a city you never get bored. You can simply go to Hafez Mausoleum and take an oracle. Taking oracle is very common among people of Shiraz City. In short Hafez book is in all Iranian house and on different occasions.

There is a traditional village 15 km far from city. This village is called Ghalat. Ghalat has beautiful nature and some old monuments. In spring and summer season lot of nomad  migrate to this village and stay till end of summer.

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