Introducing The best Isfahan Hotels

Isfahan City is one of the most important destinations for tourists because it has always been center of art in Iran. that is why there are lots of demand for The best Isfahan Hotels.
There are different categories of 2 to 5 star hotels in Isfahan. There are about 2 , five star hotels in Isfahan city. Abbasi Traditional hotels are available as well. Most of the hotels are located in center of city next to historical and old parts of city. Abbasi Hotel is one of the best hotels in Isfahan and Iran. The other five star hotels of Isfahan are located in different areas. Kowsar Hotel is another five star Hotel which is located near Zayandeh rood river.In this article we introduce the best Isfahan Hotels.

The best Isfahan Hotels abbasi

The best Isfahan Hotels – number 1
Abbasi Hotel is a 5 star hotel with magnificent Persian architecture. Abbasi Hotel is the oldest hotel in the world and was made 300 years back. The main purpose of building was religious school. At present this hotel is one of the tourists attractions of Iran. Abbasi Hotel has 225 rooms and many of them have garden view. You can see the beautiful dome of Charbagh School through windows.
Abbasi Hotel with 11 restaurants and well trained staff teams is the best place to stay for tourists in Isfahan.
Chelsetun Restaurant with great decoration and architecture looks like a museum of arts and has two hall for lunch and breakfast. Breakfast hall is on top and lunch hall is on ground floor. And have capacity for 1000 guests.
Baam Restaurant is on rooftop with special menu and great view. Bagh Restaurant is located in the garden of hotel with different types of cuisine. Traditional buffet Restaurant is a great place to taste a good variety of Persian foods.
The distance of Abbasi Hotel to Naqsh e Jahan Square is less than 2 km and 20 minutes walk and 6 minutes by car.
It is less than 1/5 km to See o se Pol and just 3 minutes by car.

The best Isfahan Hotels – number 2
Kowsar 5 star Hotel was founded 45 years back in Isfahan. Kowsar Hotel with 10700 square meters area is located next to Zayande Rud. It is a beautiful hotel with a great view. This hotel has 7 stories with 170 rooms and was renovated last year. Kowsar Hotel has five restaurants :
Zarrin Restaurant located in lobby level and has capacity for 80 guests and serve you continental and Persian food.
Italian Restaurant ls located on ground floor.
Traditional Sarv Restaurant is for traditional Persian cuisine.
Garden Restaurant which is available in summer time. And seasonal Restaurant also is next to swimming pool with great ambience has capacity for 80 guests.
Kowsar Hotel is 5 km far from Naqsh e Jahan Square ( by car 12 minutes).
See o se Pol is just 500 meters far from Kowsar Hotel.

 The best Isfahan Hotels

The best Isfahan Hotels – number 3
Aseman  4 star Hotel started in October 2002. Aseman Hotel is 13 stories with 100 rooms and a great view of Zayande Rud. This hotel is surrounded by many beautiful historical sites.
There is revolving restaurant with beautiful view of Zayande Rud river.
Khorshid Restaurant is on second floor and has very lively ambience and serves you good variety of sea food and Persian cuisine. Maah Coffee shop serves you cold and hot beverages. Distance of Aseman Hotel to Naqsh e Jahan Square is less than 6 km and takes 15 minutes to reach by car.

The best Isfahan Hotels piroozi

The best Isfahan Hotels – number 4
Pirouzi 4 star Hotel started in 1972. It is 3 stories hotel with 96 rooms and suites. This modern hotel earlier was known as Koorosh Hotel and is located almost next to historical area like Chehel setun, Sheikh Lotfollah and Imam Mosque. There are few restaurants and 24 hours coffee Shop in this Hotel. It’s distance to Naqsh e Jahan Square is about 9 minutes by car and 14 minutes walking.

The best Isfahan Hotels Avin

The best Isfahan Hotels – number 5
Avin 4 star Hotel started two years back. It’s two stories hotel with 70 rooms. The rooms are divided to two types :golden and silver rooms. Golden rooms are larger And silver rooms have no windows The location of this four star hotel in center of city has made it easy to reach to historical sites. Avin Hotel has a restaurant with capacity of 100 guests and a coffee Shop suitable for 50 guests.


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