Women dress in Iran

What is women dress in Iran:

Women dress in Iran the most frequently asked question among foreigners and tourists who plan to visit Iran. Iran is Islamic country and according to Quran and Islamic rules women should have Hijab. Dress code for women is more strict than men in Iran.
Women dress in Iran are two types. One is dress for public places. Women should wear something to cover their bodies in public places and head also should be covered either with scarf or with Maghnae. Maghnae covers head and neck and it is used for government organizations, army centers and courts. The other head cover is scarf which is easier to wear and mostly are colorful and used daily by women in Iran.



women dress in Iran


Women dress in Iran often is manteau which is open in front with pants. Manteau is available in all color and design. Long and short and they normally wear it with denim pants.
There is another type of women dress in Iran which is called Chador. Chador is a large piece of fabric which cover full body and same as Maghnae. Chador is optional and not Compulsory. But they should wear it in army centers , court ,government offices and holy shrines.



Chador is always available for ladies tourists in the counter which is next to shrine. Chador is used at the time of praying (Namaz).
The chador they wear in public is black color and for Namaz at home they use printed one.
Chador is the most expensive women dress in Iran and scarf is the cheapest part of Hijab for Iranian ladies.
The prices for scarf starts from £3
For manteau from £10 and for pants from £8.
Dress code for men in iran:
Men can wear short sleeved shirt or T-shirt in public but they are not allowed to wear shorts in public.

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