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Introduction to Yazd city

Yazd city is the first adobe city and second historical city after Venice in Italy.Recently it came on the world heritage list also.

Location and population 

Yazd is located in east side of Isfahan and south side of Kavir e Lut in the center of Iran. Yazd is one of the richest cities of Iran.Yazd is connected to Semnan from north west and to Isfaha from west, to Fars Province from south west , to northern khorasan province from east side, from north east to Khorasan Razavi province, from east and south east to Kerman province. This situation has made The city an economic center.Yazd population is 500/000.Other important tourist city near Yazd are , Shiraz city 430 km far in south west.Isfahan city 330 km far in west .


Yazd has warm and dry climate. city  has high temperature fluctuation in summer and winter season. This fluctuation in night and day time also is there. In fact there are two seasons in city, one is long hot season ( February to October) ond the other one is short and cold season of winter ( October to February ). Slight rain with extreme evaporation , being far from sea and close to Kavir e Namak , low humidity and high heat has made Yazd one of the driest parts of Iran.

Names and titles of Yazd City:
Name of Yazd has been changed several times throughout history. Some of these names were Kase, Darolebade , Isatis , Darolelm and Darolamal, City of wind catchers and City of Sweets. Because of its famous sweets.

Dialect and language:
The people of Yazd are Aryan and Iranian origin. The people speak Persian language with Yazdi dialect ,this dialect is a part of Persian Dari language is ancient Iranian language. Zoroastrian has their own language which is called Behdini. They talk with this language specially at the time of religious rites.

Religion of  people:
Majority of people in Yazd are shia muslem. Most of Zoroastrian of Iran live in Yazd too. There are several fire temples in yazd as well. There is small population of jewish in Yazd City too.

Historical sites in Yazd:

Atashkade Varharam:
This temple was built in 1933. The funds of building was provided by association of Zoroastrians in India . It is built in Achamenid architecture style and surrounded by a garden. On the pediment of the building “Far va har” the symbol of god is embedded. This fire temple has special place in history and culture of Persians because the fire inside is being maintained since 1520 AD.
They have kept it in a brass vessel inside a room in the center of temple building far from wind, sunlight and rain.

Water cistern with six wind catchers:
This is old water cistern (Abanbar) located in Tape Yazd area. It has two main doors in south and north of water storage. The Abanbar has six wind catchers ( Badgir) with egg shape cistern.
This remarkable Abanbar has 55 stairs between 25th and 26th stairs there is a porch with stone pavement and has a vaulted ceiling with brick facade. This Abanbar was made 70 years back.

Amirchakhmagh Complex:

this place was built by ruler of Yazd Amir Jalaleddin Chakhmagh and his wife Fatima Khatun 700 years back. This Square has storage, Madresa, Bazar, Carvansaray , Khanghah and a Mosque. The mosque has a beautiful Mihrab and dome and two praying hall for summer and winter season. Mihrab is decorated with marble stone.

Dowlat Abad Garden:
Dowlat Abad Garden was built 250 years back during Karimkhan Zand Dynasty.
They first built Qanat and later made this world heritage site. The building of the garden consists of vestibule, Badgir, Behesht Aeene, main entrance and south entrance. The Badgir of the garden is very remarkable . It is tallest Badgir in the world with 33.8 m height.
The garden has beautiful area full of roses, cypress trees and pomegranate and grapes trees.

Ziaieh Madresa or Eskandar Prison:
This mansion was built 750 years back as Madresa ( religious school) The praying hall of the school has Mihrab and there are some porches around the mansion.
The dome was made of clay and decorated with plaster and golden color and water color. Eskandar Prison or Ziaieh Madresa was built during Mongolian Period.

Nakhl e Amirchakhmagh Tekieh:
This Nakhl (strong wooden object fixed with metal stud) is in the east side of Amirchakhmagh Square. It’s 8/5 by 8/5 by 8/5 and one of the biggest Nakhl in Iran. It is shaped like a cypress tree and symbolizes freedom. The history of Nakhl dates back to 450 years back in Safavid period. This Nakhl has been here since 200 years back. We are not sure exactly which date it was made. Shia muslems commemorate Ashura with decorating it. Asura is the day on which Imam Hossein and his supporters were martyred

Tower of Silence

Is located 15 km east side of city. It is on a hill called Tower of Silence . It’s called Zoroastrian Dakhme also. Yazd always has been center of Zoroastrian. In the Zoroastrian tradition dead bodies were washed and cleaned and kept in Dakhme for four days till the vultures eat the flesh then they kept the remaining bones and children and women and men made three circle around the bones. After this ceremony there were some people in charge of taking the bones inside Dakhme for burial.

How to go to Yazd?
Shahid Sadughi International Airport is located north west of yazd. This Airport has flight to Tehran,Mashhad,Ahwaz, Bandarabbas and Kish. There are international flights to Dameshq , Medina, Jadde and Najaf in this airport.


Yazd Railway Station is located in Railway Meidan, near Imam Hussein Meidan. It is easy to be in this place from any part of  City at any time. We can go to many cities of Iran through Yazd railway.


Bus station of  is located 10 km far in west of city, although there are taxis available 24 hours to transfer you any part of Yazd.

The best Hotels in Yazd

Khatam 3star Hotel:
Khatam Hotel has very good location for tourists in Yazd. You are five minutes far from historical area , seven minutes to airport and five minutes to railway station. So within short time you can reach to your favorite destination like Fahadan area , Jame Mosque or Amirchakhmagh Meidan. At the same time you will experience a nice staying in this hotel for its basic facilities.

Daad 4 star Hotel :
This hotel has beautiful architecture of eighty years back and is located next to historical sites of Amirchakhmagh and Fire Temple . It has unique architecture of those days with Arches , windows and vault. Spa, jacuzzi ,swimming pool and coffee shop and restaurant of the hotel is available for hotel guests.

Malekotojjar Hotel 4 star antique Hotel:
Rooms in this hotel are decorated with beautiful paintings and in some of the paintings they have used golden color. This hotel is the first adobe hotel in the world since twenty years back. Malekotojjar Hotel has 23 rooms and because of its decoration has a different atmosphere for guests. Malekotojjar Hotel has all the basic facilities for guests like elevators, lobby and coffee shop. The location is just one km far from famous Abanbar with six wind catchers , Amirchakhmagh Meidan half km, Dowlat Abaad Garden 2 km, Jame Mosque less than one km, railway 6 km and international airport and bus station about 10 km.

Best Yazd Restaurants
In yazd you can find some good restaurants with traditional architecture and food. One of these traditional restaurants is Malekotojjar Restaurant.

Malekotojjar Restaurant has very nice building with good quality of traditional foods. Beside good food the service also is great.

Moshirolmamalek Garden Restaurant:
Naghashi Restaurant is in the center of this hotel. It has capacity for 250 guests. They serve all types of food, including continental and sea foods.

Most popular foods

Shol eIt
One of the famous dishes of Yazd Province is called Shol eIt is like a tick soup and made of fresh herbs and vegetables (spinach, dill, parsley and fenugreek) and beet roots , onions, lentils and pomegranate juice.


There is another traditional food called Koofte or meat ball. They mix lentils, eggs, minced meat, tomato pulp and some spice to make this tasty dish.

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